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The Difference Between Diamond Pendants and Diamond Bracelets

Author: Ron Poul

If you are not familiar with the use of diamond pendants or diamond bracelets, then it may be time to start learning. At some point, you will probably find yourself in a situation where at the very least you have to speak knowledgeably about them.

Diamond pendants are pendants that have diamonds set into their metal (sometimes precious metal) base. A pendant is a piece of jewelry, usually quite small, that you can hang around your neck on a chain. The chain of the pendant may also be made of precious metals, or at least some type of expensive metal. In this sense, diamond pendants can be said to be a way of discreetly showing off the beauty of your wealth.

Diamond bracelets are simply bracelets made out of precious metals or metals with diamonds set into them in a pattern. You wear diamond bracelets on your wrist. We might say that diamond bracelets are a more overt way of displaying your jewelry to others while diamond pendants tend to play down your wealth and just let others get a peep at the jewelry when it flashes at them out of your upper clothing.

The design of diamond pendants is becoming more and more creative as time goes by. One design shows two tiny gold baby shoes into which the diamonds are attractively set. This would probably be an appropriate diamond pendant for a mother who has just given birth, or for the child himself to wear during his baptism. Another design which you might like is for the pendant to be shaped in the form of the infinity symbol (that looks like a number eight) with diamonds set all throughout the shape of the infinity symbol.

Crucifixes are a very popular among those who buy diamond pendants. When crucifixes are used, these diamond pendants may be a bit larger than other types of diamond pendants. But some diamond pendants in the form of crucifixes can also be tiny and discreet.

If you want your diamond pendants to be custom-made, you might want the diamond pendants to also use other precious stones aside from diamonds. Sapphires are a popular choice because these colored gems go so well with the flash and fire of diamonds. Try looking for sapphire and diamond pendants you'll see how beautiful the combination is actually with just one glance.

The value of diamond pendants comes not just from the diamonds themselves but also from the artistry that went into designing and making these diamond pendants. A diamond cut and shaped by a novice will be of lesser value than a diamond crafted by a master artisan, even if the rough diamond of the novice was of higher value before being cut and shaped for setting into the pendant. You may want to invest in diamond pendants if you can see the financial value such investments can bring you over time. That is partly why diamond pendants are still in demand today even among people who may not even wear the jewelry themselves or maybe wear them infrequently.

You have to be careful though about where you choose to wear your diamond pendants. That is because if they hang from your neck on a gold chain, it is very easy for a thief to simply grab the pendant and with one swift tug break the chain and run away with the pendant. Even if the thief can't get the gold chain, he will still make a pretty profit from his loot because the diamond pendant may be worth quite a lot on the black market anyway. Wear diamond pendants only in a secure environment where you know you can relax and let your diamond pendant be appreciated by those you encounter.

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